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Vitamin A Detox

Why we're here:

You're here because you have health issues, or simply don't feel as good as you'd like. Maybe conventional medicine has failed you, maybe alternative medicine has failed you, maybe both. Maybe conventional and/or alternative medicine actually made you SICKER.  

It makes sense to you that the answers are out there as to why EVERYONE is sick in some way these days, and to whythe problem is only getting WORSE day by day. 

The answers ARE out there.  When you learn what they are, everything that has made you better or worse in the past will finally start making sense. The truth always makes sense, and that's what this network is meant to share.

Why you should join:

Maybe you're quite familiar with the damage that this non-vitamin poison called "Vitamin" A can do already, maybe you're not.  If you aren't, then there are great free e-books on it at Grant Genereux's blog, and much more expansive research can be found at Dr. Garrett Smith's Research Forum and on his FaceBook page.

Many people think that simply removing this family of compounds from their diet will quickly restore their health. It is not quite that simple.  Dr. Smith, in his "Vitamin A, Aldehydes, and Glyphosate" Detox Program (that is INCLUDED in the network membership fee) covers every single angle that he has found regarding reducing one's exposure, speeding up the clearance through the body's detox pathways, and finally, getting this poison truly EXPELLED from the body (the MOST important piece!).

There are other paid Courses available inside the Network, along with the weekly Inner Circle private video group, where members can ask questions of Dr. Smith and get them answered in real time.  Grant Genereux joins Dr. Smith for one Inner Circle meeting per month and answers questions as well.

About Me:

I'm Dr. Garrett Smith, a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Arizona.  I've always been searching for the ROOT CAUSE of disease (as my oath states), and my adventures through the medical research, functional medicine, and clinical nutrition have led me to this point...and I do believe I have pinpointed the root causeS (there's more than one, yet they all tie together) of the epidemics of chronic disease in the Western world today.

My goal is to help as many people as possible with this information, and I feel this is the best way to do it.

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